Are You Considering Replacing Your Glass Sliding Doors?

Glass Installation Tips for Sliding Doors

Has the time come for your old rotted sliding doors to be replaced? Need some handy tips when it comes to glass installation? Then continue reading the post of Francisco's Customs Shower Doors And Mirrors to learn some useful tips on how to do this.

Apply flashing

Flashing is an adhesive, waterproof tape which protects both the door frame and lower edges of sliding glass doors against water damage. Flashing also stops water from entering around the edges. Apply some flashing along the bottom sill, and let the tape hang over the outer edge, this will allow you to bend the tape over and press it down on the other side.

Setting the frame in place

This part will need some help, as you will need to lift and carry the door frame inside your home, push it into the opening position. Make sure you do not install the door backward, as the side with the track for the sliding screen must face outwards.

Screw the frame in place and install the insulation

Use some screws and screw these through the material of the new frame, and tighten each one until they are securely embedded in the frame. Using a level is essential to ensure the frame is straight on all sides, and if you are working on an older home, make sure you have some door shims ready should any corrections be necessary. Otherwise, the doors will not fit properly.

Installing the sliding glass panels and handle(s)

First, clean any debris from the rails, then, have a friend help you lift the first section of the door. Set the bottom in the track, and then press the top portion of the door in place. Repeat this with the second sliding door.

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