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Working with glass is by no means an easy undertaking and needs intricate attention to detail and exceptional results above to provide superior results. At Francisco's Customs Shower Doors And Mirrors, we have made sure that our glass installation offers adhere to the requirements of the customers we are serving. We thrive in the face of adversity with ease. A lot of the insights on this page can be utilized by new customers to safely determine if hiring us can accommodate their requirements. However, we are always open to addressing more queries and request clients to reach out to us when required. Our skills are second to none across the entire Highland Park, IL area.

When should the glass be replaced?

On average, the factor that can safely determine that the strength of the glass might be compromised is the age of the window or door pane. Determining if the glass is single or double-paned. Check the frame for signs of damage, and inspect the glass itself for minute fractures or cracks. These are the ideal ways to ensure if getting a glass repair service is needed or not.

What is insulated glass?

An insulated glass consists of two or even more than two distinct glass panels separated by space. This reduces heat transfer across the glass by building an envelope of air. Getting ideal Insulated glass replacement done is better left to the experts as this calls for precision that is hard to duplicate by inexperienced personnel.

Is glass repair possible?

Yes. Technically, small cracks can typically be fixed using the right epoxy or even certain glass adhesives. However, for more extensive damage, it is important to understand that it is better to have the glass repaired – as opposed to repair. This is because once the glass cracks, it loses most of its structural integrity, and even a slight force on it can lead to complete failure.

How expensive are custom mirror installations?

The overall expenses associated with getting custom glass work done is entirely dependent on the type of glass desired as well as the dimensions of the mirror. Most shapes can be achieved with relative ease, and today, using modern technologies, there isn’t a custom mirror that cannot be purpose-built for customers.

How experienced are you?

As experts who can deal with all things glass, including being the ideal name for commercial glass repair, we have been serving our community for the past 18 years. Through this time, we have continued to evolve our approaches and are known to exceed expectations with ease.

We are confident in our skills and are certain any clients who choose to read through this entire page will be more than happy to hire us. However, in case there are some more details that are desired by property owners, they can reach out to Francisco's Customs Shower Doors And Mirrors at (847) 268-7304. Our leading customer service experts will always be more than happy to help. We thrive in the face of adversity with relative ease and unmatched customer service and home window glass repair offers that are unique across Highland Park, IL.

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