Getting Commercial Glass Installation Done Right

Types of Glass Used for Businesses

An office without windows can become dank and gray, whereas windows can open up the space and make a room much lighter and breezier. Even if the windows are not the kind that open, their presence can make a space seem much more meaningful! It is no surprise then businesses opt to work with professional glass installation contractors to have one placed for their establishments.

Double-Glazed Glass

Commercial glass installers can install double-glazed glass in areas that get very cold in winter or very hot in summer. Double glazing reduces heat transfer, helping to keep the room cooler. Noise reduction is also an advantage, making the room quieter by reducing noise pollution from outside. Offices often utilize double-glazed glass for these two main advantages.

Tinted Glass

Commercial glass installers can put tinted windows in areas where heat and direct sunshine may be a problem for that inside. Tinted windows can help reduce the sun’s heat and the light intensity in a room by 10 – 15%, depending on the tint in the glass. Museums use heavy tints, where heat or direct sunshine can damage the exhibits. You can also use tinted glass indoors in bright sunlight, such as on hotel balcony doors.

Stained Glass

Stained glass has been used for centuries in churches and other institutions to decorate buildings. Stained glass is not to allow people to see out from or into a structure; it is to allow the architect and designer to let light into a structure in a controlled way. Also, it helps tell a story using the light and the pictures it helps to enhance. Working with stained glass is a highly specialized discipline and art; many commercial glass installers cannot install and maintain stained glass windows.

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