How to Remove Condensation from Double-Pane Windows

Should I Start Looking for Glass Installation Companies When My Double-Glazed Windows Get Foggy in between the Panes?

According to the Department of Energy, energy loss attributed to windows accounts for almost 25% of the annual cooling and heating costs for the average American home. Luckily, there are many ways that homeowners can lower this figure. One of the best options is to install double-pane windows. Such windows not only will lower your home’s environmental footprint but also insulate your house from outside noise. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, problems may occur with these windows. One of the most common issue is condensation between the panes. Most glass installation companies will tell you that there is no way to remove condensation from between glass panes. We’re here to tell you that such a way exists.

The first thing that you should know is that the process itself requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. Additionally, a special set of tools is required. We strongly recommend that you hire a specialist for the task; otherwise, you risk to cause more harm than good. Here’s how a true technician will handle the problem.

  • First, he will drill a hole in the opposing corner of the glass unit. It’s important to mention that not all types of glass can be drilled. For instance, toughened glass does not support drilling, which means that if you have such glass units, then you may have to replace them.

  • Using a small hose, the technician will then spray special cleaning solution in between the panes, through the hole that he just drilled.

  • Once the glass has been cleaned from the inside and the moisture removed, another special type of solution is then sprayed in between the panes. This solution contains a raisin that will encapsulate the bottom spacer bar in order to prevent further moisture ingress.

  • Using a vacuum pump, the technician will then pump out all solutions from between the glass panes.

  • A special valve is affixed to the holes, allowing air to circulate between the panes.

Unfortunately, this particular method may diminish the window’s R-value. If this is a major concern for you, then you should probably just replace the entire glass unit. Francisco's Customs Shower Doors And Mirrors is one of the most reliable glass installation companies. We offer quality products at affordable rates. Call us at (847) 268-7304 if you reside in Highland Park, IL.